Jacksonville’s Best Comedy Shows

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Everyone loves a good laugh. Whether it is a giggle, chuckle, or full out belly laugh, nobody complains about having a little fun. The five comedians below are sure to have you rolling within the first couple minutes of their performances so make sure to check out their shows. These are some of Jacksonville’s best comedians!

1. Sinbad

Sinbad, also known as David Adkins, will be performing at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville on August 7. Sinbad starred in Houseguest, First Kid, Good Burger, and many other films. He even served in the military as a boom operator. He likes to keep his act clean and devoid of any derogatory statements and foul language in order to ensure that it’s comfortable and consistently funny.

2. Nephew Tommy

Nephew Tommy, or Thomas Miles, is not only a comedian, but a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. He also co-hosts the Steve Harvey Morning Show where he frequently makes prank phone calls to random people. He has a real knack for getting the entire crowd laughing hard. Watch Nephew Tommy perform at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville on August 14.

3. “Weird Al” Yankovic: The Mandatory World Tour

Truthfully known as Alfred Matthew Yankovic, this comedian was an only child who grew up inspired by other fans of comedy. He watched and learned from other comedians like Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, and Spike Jones. Aside from having a knack for a sense of humor, “Weird Al” has also consistently been one of the most clever people in comedy. Check out “Weird Al” at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville on August 16 for a time that is bound to get you rolling with laughter!

4. Lil Duval

Known as Roland Powell, this former TV show contestant knows how to make people laugh. A 2005 Semi Finalist on BET’s comedy competition Coming to the State Lil Duval has made a name for himself with his signature style. Lil Duval also appears on many other MTV2 shows such as Guy Code. Check out Lil Duval at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville on August 22.

5. Whoopi Goldberg

Full name being Caryn Elaine Johnson, this funny character is one of just a few entertainers who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony Award. Whoopi starred for two seasons in situation comedy Bagdad Cafe which aired through CBS. This comedian has also been nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards which shows her great experience that she has acquired through the years. Check out Whoopi Goldberg on September 26 at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville.

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