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Interested in finding a great way to keep active, while also having an awesome time? Club sports are a great option for you! Not only do you get the opportunity to meet new people in the area, you can also create lasting friendships through activities that are fun in nature. Here are some great club sports in the Jacksonville area.

Check out Mills Field for some Co-ed Kickball! This is a super fun activity for anyone over the age of 18, and easily the most exciting way to stay in shape. Co-ed Kickball is a Summer League that begins in July and ends in September. However, there is a winter league as well! Regardless of which season you decide to be apart of you, you’re guaranteed to have the most fun, and be left with memories you’ll never forget. What are you waiting for? Grab your kickball, and sign up now for just $45 a person or $450 per team.

Who doesn’t love some good old fashion bowling? Get in touch with your inner kid, and get ready to have the time of your life. Grab your friends and create a team, or join a team by yourself. These co-ed bowling teams are everything and more. The season is from July 26th – September 20th, and played at Beach Club. Take part in seven weeks of regular season play, followed by single elimination playoffs! Choose from two different leagues, one being played on Tuesday, or the other one which is played on Sundays.

Love volleyball? Then join the Co-ed Beach Volleyball league, for some fun in the sun! Join a team by yourself for just $65 or create your own team for $220. Enjoy an entire summer of fun times with old friends, while at the very same time creating new ones. Beach volleyball offers two different leagues. The first one has a season that begins on July 12th, ends on August 30th and is played on Sundays. The second one has a season that begins July 9th, ends September 10th, and is played on Thursdays. Both are played at the Jacksonville Scene Volleyball Courts, and open for anyone to come watch! Feel the beach heat up with competition and catch some rays, a fun time is sure to be had by all!


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